That Stubborn, Reappearing Spot!

A spot should not reappear after proper professional cleaning. When spots keep coming back no matter how often they are cleaned, this is called wick back. It’s something that irritates those who have had a professional carpet cleaning, but why does it happen? There are several reasons for a spot wicking back.

▪   If the spot is from a spill, sometimes the spot is cleaned on the top half, while the other half remains soiled but hidden. After a few days the capillary quality of carpet fibers essentially sucks the rest of the spill back upward to be seen by the user.

▪   If a damp carpet is used too soon after cleaning, it can cause the spots to rise to the surface. This is very often the case in commercial establishments and high foot traffic areas.

▪   Sometimes if the carpet was not treated properly the spots can reappear. Often a rushed and/or inexperienced carpet cleaning technician does not fully remove the cleaning agent he applied, or leaves the carpet too wet.

The fact remains that some spots cannot be removed, even if you use a professional. Those spots have now become stains. Carpet manufactures do their best to make carpets stain and dirt resistant, but when you get down to it, they are still made of absorbent materials. The best way around the reappearing spots is to use a low moisture carpet cleaning method. Low moisture only wets the carpet moderately, usually drying in less than an hour. Since the carpet isn’t soaked, no capillary action is possible. At Hadley’s ProClean, we have the experience and knowledge to successfully remove these stubborn spots. Since it is about the details, we take the time needed to do this right. We offer multiple cleaning systems which also includes a low moisture/dry cleaning system to ensure that your carpet still receives a deep cleaning, but dries quickly and the spots are gone, for good!

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Wick back at it's finest! The challenge awaits us.

Wick back at it’s finest! The challenge awaits us.

We conquered this Wick back!

We conquered this Wick back!