Another Day in the Life of a Carpet Cleaner –

Hadley’s ProClean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Folsom CA

Guess what caused all the fur on Mrs. Phifington’s sectional sofa?!  Not only did we of Hadley’s ProClean clean her sofa, we also fixed the cause.Pet hair maintenance at its finest!

Pet hair maintenance at its finest!

No, just kidding, Mrs. Phifington already took the matter into her own hands before we could deter her from attacking the poor pitiful feline with hedge shears. While this particular incident occurred during a carpet and upholstery cleaning in Folsom CA, the issue of pet hair abounds with many of our clients. Countless times we have aided in solving our clients’ carpet and upholstery “spots,” while also shaving down their furry baseboards with nothing more than a vacuum. It is truly amazing how well a pet’s fur coat, well, coats. Once there was a carpet that started off a brownish-gray color and turned out to be lavender! Unless in these occasions our clients are secretly collecting pet hair and are kicking themselves for calling us out to remove it, it acts as a great insulator, as we are sure this poor kitty can attest to. The issue though, is all the pet dander and oils that build up with the fur, which equates to odor and allergy issues, or worse yet – bugs! So be kind to your home, your nose, and your guests, by maintaining your floors on a regular basis. And while the outcome can prove quite hilarious, please don’t attack your beloved pets with the shears – keep in mind, they know where you sleep.

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