There is never a dull moment as to how the day will unfold once we load up and set out. This particular day seemed as if it would be the usual routine. Before this event unfolds, I want to share that receiving tips is not a rare deal, as we have received many. People really like us and the service we provide, and what a blessing it is! Tips come in a couple forms, usually as extra cash or a check written over and above what the bill entails. With some of our clients, we are tipped as well with fresh cookies, cakes, or brownies! Those tips do not usually make it back to the office…. Anyway, on this particular day, after carpet cleaning for a school in Shingle Springs CA and an old backwoods farmhouse east of Placerville, we got a different sort of tip.

A chicken?!?!

Yes, there is never a dull moment. From vacuuming, spot treating, cleaning carpet in classrooms, and scraping gum, to cleaning worn out, I do not want to know what is in the carpet, and sticky mud-caked linoleum, to chasing a chicken around the yard and feeding it a granola bar on the trip back. Needless to say, it is not what we thought we would be in for when setting out in the morning. But hey, we got a free, egg-laying hen to add to our young flock! Although, it does prove to be a little awkward when pulling up to a gas station and on lookers seeing you feeding a chicken…. Oh well.

The truth is, we have a soft spot for animals. The poor hen was abandoned by the tenants, left to fend for herself in the woods with dogs and coyotes running amok, while the landlord was stuck with what to do with it. Evidently, animal shelters do not take chickens. When was the last time you saw chickens in a kennel, next to penned up dogs and cats? Anyway, as great as pets are for generating business for us even with the challenges they bring, it is difficult for us to see them neglected and abandoned. So now, while we have not flushed out all the details, we are thinking of possibly making our new tip into a mascot. Henny Penny has a nice ring to it… but if nothing else, she serves as a great reminder of the blessings and adventures we readily encounter.

Abandoned Hen

Our tip – an abandoned hen

Hey, this gives us a great idea – we would love to see your crazy animals! If you would, email us a picture and description of your crazy, beloved pet(s), or post your photo to our Facebook page, by August 1, 2014, and we will select a favorite! Even if you do not have a crazy animal, take a look around, and send a picture in! The winner will receive a $20 gift card to Petsmart and $20 off our services! We look forward to seeing them!

The new member to our chicken flock - Henny Penny!

The new member to our chicken flock – Henny Penny!

Henny Penny with part of our flock

Henny Penny with part of our flock

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